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Our Story

Inspiring you to love you for you!

Sacred Love was established to help women celebrate their femininity and learn to love their bodies and themselves. We create beautiful waistbeads to adorn the bellies of women and men, which helps everyone fall in love with their body more, and more, each day. Waistbeads are also a tool that can remind you of the intentions you've set for yourself, and are used to track weight gain/loss.

We only offer tie-on waist beads! Our waist beads are a commitment to yourself and a daily reminder of the intentions you've set. Remember, your waistbeads are not magic! They are a tool that serves as a daily reminder of the goals you have, the dedication it will take to reach them, and the change that will take place in your mind, body, and soul! The added bonus is falling in love with your body through the process because you are now focused on YOU! 

We welcome you to fall in love with YOU over and over again. 

Pink Sugar

How it all began...

I love creating and crafting all kinds of things. Some of my favorite things to create are custom sweatshirts, custom cups, and jewelry. My love for making jewelry brought me to waistbeads.

I've been curious about waistbeads for a few years and finally decided to dive in head first a couple years ago. Learning about the rich history of waistbeads and their symbolic meaning ignited a desire for me to create and share them with the world.

After I tied on my first strand, I noticed a transformation in myself that was new... I started to actually look at myself in the mirror (something I rarely did before) to admire my body. I became more in tune with my body and it's reaction to certain foods, certain situations, and certain bodily functions. My waistbeads made me pay attention to ME. You want to know something weird? They helped me realize that I had never really paid attention to me... this transformation was so profound for me, I decided that I wanted other women to have that same experience. To be in a Sacred Love relationship with themselves.

Meet The Team


Marissa Masters-Culpepper

Founder & Creator (AKA "The Magic Maker")


Jasmyn Masters-Culpepper

Co-Founder & Social Media Manager (AKA "The Social One)

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