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Below are a few tips to help you make tying on your beads a memorable moment. 

  • Set some time aside where you can be alone and uninterrupted

  • Make sure you have a clear mind and can be fully present for yourself

  • Light some candles

  • Play your favorite soft music, or any music that makes you feel good

  • Take time to set your intentions. Your beads can serve as a mindfulness tool to remind you of these intentions daily.




What You Will Need:

  • Clean, dry hands

  • Sharp Scissors

  • Bowl or container to catch extra beads


Tying on your waist beads:

  1. If you are currently wearing waistbeads, please pull them up above your belly or down low to make tying your new strand(s) easier.

  2. Take one end of the strand in each hand and wrap it around you like a belt. Place the strand in the area where you would like your beads to sit.

  3. Slide your thumb and pointer finger over the strand to make sure there are no gaps in the beads wrapped around you. Make sure you're relaxed and not sucking in your belly.

  4. Decide how tight you want your strand tied around your body. Be sure to leave a little extra space for bloating and bending.

  5. Pull on both black anchor beads until the slipknot is released (you should hear a pop or click sound). This will make room for the beads to loosen.

  6. Cross one strand over the other where you would like the knot to be. Pull the top strand under and through in order to tie the first knot (any extra beads should fall toward the black anchor beads). Be careful not to get any beads caught in your knot.

  7. Cut the string just above the anchor beads and allow excess beads to fall into your container.

  8. You should now have 4 pieces of string hanging from your strand. Take one string from each side and tie two knots. Do this same thing with the other two strands. Make two more knots using all 4 strands.

  9. Pull the extra string away from your body to put tension on the string. Cut off the excess string just above the knot being careful not to cut the knot

  10. Roll the knot between your thumb and pointer finger to encourage it to lay flat along with the beads.

  11. Enjoy your beautiful waistbeads!

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