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"Soul Family: Are those that gather around you in your life, not connected by blood or race, but by energy and essence. They bring unconditional love and support at the perfect times and understand and share the same mission and purpose. For you, I am grateful - We are One." - @vibehealth


This strand is made up of all the extra beads we've collected from tying our Tribe in person. It's woven with all the love, positivity, and support from the Sacred Love Tribe. The Sacred Love Tribe is made up of beautiful people who want nothing but the best for themselves and everyone else in the Tribe. 


We are a size-inclusive company and believe waistbeads are for everyone no matter their size.  All of our strands are made 60 inches in length. This length can usually fit up to a size 22 to 24 in women’s sizes. If you need your strand made longer than 60 inches, please send an email to after placing your order. 


Please note: This listing is for one strand of waistbeads. This strand will only wrap once around most people’s waists. Photos may include multiple strands for photographic purposes.


 Each strand has 3 hearts to remind us to always live a life lead with love, unity, joy and abundance. 


Thank you to all who are a part of our Tribe!

Tied Together

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